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City Constellations,  2021

City Constellations is a visual enquiry into lights in the city, exploring the lack of natural star light and abundance of artificial lights. I’m interested in how these artificial lights contribute to the obstruction of natural light, and almost become a replacement for them in the cityscape at night.


By photographing the city at night with an intentionally low exposure, I abstract the city into what resembles constellations. The location and object are not relevant, I want the viewer to take the time to contemplate what they are seeing and perhaps feel as if they are gazing up at the stars. There is something comforting and sublime that I feel when I have the rare opportunity to see the stars in the sky, and although I yearn for that feeling, I feel something similar when I’m walking along the river or riding the bus through the city at night with the view of lots of bright lights in the distance. I’m interested in how my work can recreate this feeling, and the relationship between the artificial and the natural.

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